Lux Designer

Senior Project Designer

Through her international upbringing and travel experiences, Tamaryn Sullivan has gained a lifetime of exposure to extraordinary design and brings a vast scope and perspective to her work that is beyond compare. Her style can be described as simplistic yet chic, sleek and modern with organic warmth.

Tamaryn has a vision of forming spaces for people to make memories in, ones that create an emotional connection, and exude a feel-good energy and vibe. With thoughtful attention to individual taste, she brings a layer of personalized and unique style with textures, fabrics and textiles.

Inspiration comes from industry icons and through her curiosity in architecture and design studying details and techniques worldwide. Tamaryn holds 10 years of design and construction experience.

Tamaryn was born and raised in Zimbabwe, Africa and has traveled to locations including South Africa, Panama, Costa Rica, Australia, England, Portugal and the South of France. She lived on the Island of Mauritius for a good part of her 20’s. She attended design school both locally and abroad and holds a degree in interior design

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